Lady Scarlet

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As the Boss of the company, I summon my incompetent employee to commission him to compile a prospectus. Annoyed he tells me that I continue to load him with work and that he can't keep up, he also feels tapped and would like to be paid more. In addition, he gives me self-centered because I sit on a throne, telling me that we are not in a kingdom but in a company. I can't believe what I'm hearing, a subordinate telling me what I should or shouldn't do. I turn around him and at a certain point I grab his hand, bending it. I tell him that I don't give a fuck about what he thinks, that from today I will cut his salary or better yet I will fire him since there is a queue of those who want to serve me and revere me. I knock him to the ground and put my foot on his face in submission. This fight begins in which I will always have the upper hand and humiliate him either with immobilization holds or with my feet on his face or in his mouth. In the end, masturbating him with my hands and feet, I will make him cum to seal our pact: from Boss and employee to Mistress and slave.