Lady Scarlet

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My friends Cleo and Gea and I “armed” ourselves with stiletto heels for today's session in our studio. The slave is a fat doormat waiting for us naked on the ground where he deserves to be. We get closer and immediately begin to step on him almost everywhere, hands, arms, abdomen, genitals... The sharp heels sink mercilessly and leave marks on the skin that will not go away easily: the slave screams but there is always one of us who holds one foot on his mouth while, in turn, we particularly enjoy crushing his balls and cock. We make him change position and we decide to continue without shoes, only our nylon veiled feet, although it does not mean it will be less painful... We literally destroy his genitals by crushing them and kicking them too but despite everything he gets excited: our final punishment is therefore the abandonment without allowing him cum.
Tags: trampling