Lady Scarlet

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I'm the psychoanalyst you all wish you had, sensual, ruthless and dominant. Today I have a patient who suffers from unmotivated aggression towards women around him and I have just the right therapy for him... I take him to the gym where I will provoke him and he will have to control himself: if he doesn't succeed all his aggressiveness I will pour it back on him. We are in underwear on the tatami to stimulate and excite him even more and, as expected, he can't control himself and tries to attack me. Try because he obviously can't do it and he finds himself duly knocked out and dominated by my legs and under my feet veiled by nylon stockings. Drastic measures are needed to educate this type of men and I think he is now starting to learn his lesson: he is more and more horny and I show him how I, a woman, also control his erection and decide if and how to make him cum while my hand starts to masturbate him