Lady Scarlet

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ITALIAN LANGUAGE I decided to take a short vacation and stay a few days in the mountains at my friend Gabriella's house to relax. After a day outdoors walking in the woods, we go back to her hut and start climbing the stairs to go up to the bedroom to rest. After a few steps a strange green thing that emerges from the railing of the staircase attracts my attention: Gabriella amused explains to me that it is... a shoeshiner! In fact, under that green cover is hidden the head of her shoeshiner slave who is there ready with his tongue out to clean our shoes before we can reach the bedrooms, a very attentive service! We do not waste time and we give him our boots that are thus licked and polished by a rather large tongue: we rub the soles and all the other parts of our shoes well. When he has finished, we cover him with the small, green blanket and finally we go up to our bedrooms to rest.