Lady Scarlet

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Miss I would like if you were all three dressed in tracksuit and sneakers positioned with your feet on the table and when the slave arrives you make her take off her shoes maybe even smell them and then proceed with the foot gagging. The only two particular ones I care about very fragrant feet (very fragrant) and second thing if you can all three to put on the same pantyhoses. The foot gagging if possible very extreme for example while one practices foot gagging the others have fun pushing her by putting one foot behind her neck and the other by plugging her nose always with the feet logically (squeezing the nose between the fingers). I specify two details for the shooting: I would really like if the slave were shot while she undergoes the footgagging in such a way as to enjoy the expression on her suffering face. Or rather that the caraman maybe puts himself behind you and resumes the highlight from when the foot is about to enter until the foot comes into action.
Tags: foot gagging