Lady Scarlet

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My friend Ludovica and I have a new slave to test right here, standing in front of us and tied by the wrists waiting to taste our hands. First they are caresses to get him used to the contact with our nails and hands but after a moment we move on to the slaps and we want to see how he is doing. Call it inexperience or rudeness, this lousy man allows himself not to thank when he receives our blows: we must educate him better and make him understand how he behaves when he is in the hands of his Mistresses. This is followed by very powerful bursts of slaps with which we hit him almost simultaneously on both cheeks: we slow down the blows only when we see that he is almost stunned, we cannot allow him to, he must learn the lesson... To vary, then we sink our nails into his flesh and we leave marks and scratches all over the chest. We start again with the slaps and finally this useless being thanks his Mistresses but now his skin is marked.