Lady Scarlet

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Today I have a female slave that I want to turn into my personal sole licker and heel sucker. I keep her on a leash until I sit on the throne from which I start to offer her my feet, she has to lick away all the flavor of the city after I have walked around Milan for a long time. I want to see all her tongue polish and taste my shoes and then I want her to suck like a bitch: she suffers, she moans but sucks both the toe and the heels well, my shoesucker is getting really good... Then I stand up to dominate her even more from above and I want her to lower herself as far as she can to lick and polish my heel like a puppy while I show her what to do with the help of the whip. She craves my feet, she admits it and I give them to her because she behaved well: I take off my shoes and let her lick well between my sweaty toes. I also take off the other shoe and rub the soles of my feet on her tongue to wash my feet well and then put both toes in her mouth. Now my feet are clean but I'm a little tired and so to finish I make her lie down, I put my feet on her and I get a nice massage.
Tags: sole licking