Lady Scarlet

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I am lying on my stomach on the leather sofa, with black fur coat, bare legs, and the soles of my feet completely dirty. In a corner of the room my slave sitting on her lap waits for orders in silence: I snap my fingers and she immediately raises her mask-veiled head towards me, waiting for instructions. I order her to clean my feet with her tongue and as she crawls towards her job I lie still. Now she has my black feet in front of her and starts licking them well, the saliva begins to dissolve the dirt and the black slowly passes from my soles to her tongue among my satisfaction and her disgust. She can't refuse an order from her mistress so she continues until I turn around and have her suck my toes, one at a time, all until both toes are in her mouth at the same time and when she's done I use her head as a footrest.
Tags: dirty feet