Lady Scarlet

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Six filthy feet, dirty with soil and dust, this is the task of my foot-licking slave today. Sitting on the sofa with two friends, our feet resting on the table and in front of us his head and his tongue that immediately begins to work and get dirty. We want to see his tongue go black as he licks and tastes our feet eagerly, it's really gross, now his face is completely black too but despite everything our feet are still not perfectly clean. So off the table, he lies down under us and we start rubbing our feet on his face and tongue for a complete cleansing. The tongue begins to dry out and we take the opportunity to have fun spitting in his mouth but his tongue is disgustingly dirty and it can no longer clean: we then try pouring water that soon becomes mud on the floor that he will have to lick as per our order.
Tags: dirty feet