Lady Scarlet

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My slave has invited me to her house perhaps hoping I'll be more gentle to her but her hopes are in vain because I really had the fantasy of dominating her on her bed... And in fact I immediately take her and throw her on the mattress, I undress her until to leave her in her underwear and I start to dominate her with my feet. I submit her and hit her with my bare feet and at the same time I allow her to lick them and suck them: she is completely a slave to my feet. But unlike her male slaves colleagues, with her I go further, there is a special connection and then my feet begin to touch her private parts too. I feel her getting aroused, she is wet and then while one foot of mine dominates her mouth the other masturbates her clitoris. And she's completely naked and in my control, she gets more and more excited as she rubs on my foot until she reaches the orgasm saying "I cum for you my Mistress" just as I ordered.