Lady Scarlet

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Naked, fixed to the X-cross and cock blocked: so the slave waits for us without knowing what we have in mind for him. My friend Dula and I immediately notice his turgid nipples and it's exactly those we want to play with today. We focus all our attention on these titties: tweezers, chain, weights and of course our hands and nails to stimulate him as much as we can. But tied to the cross doesn't give us satisfaction, it's all too static... we free him and carry him around the room with a couple of leashes, one around his neck and one around his cock: walking with all those weights attached to nipples is really tiring, they are stretching and his cries of pain give us satisfaction. We conclude with him on all fours admitting that he is our cash cow: we rip off the weights and check if the milk really comes out…