Lady Scarlet

Video-Length: 15m 19s
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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - My request is for a custom with you to dominate and lift the new female slave, who becomes a rag doll in your strong arms. The video is fine of 15 minutes. A girl dressed in a short dress and heels sneaks into Mistress's dungeon Lady Scarlet. Taking advantage of the absence of the Mistress, the girl observes the well-equipped dungeon for steal the secrets of the great domination in which Lady Scarlet is very experienced. But while the girl rummages through the tools, here comes, unfortunately for her, Mistress Scarlet, who angrily asks the girl what she's doing in Hers dungeon. The girl tries to justify herself, but Mistress Scarlet is angrier than ever. Nobody should be allowed to sneak through Her dungeon! From now on, the poor girl will feel firsthand what it means to be dominated by a strong woman like Lady Scarlet. The Mistress uses Her strength to remove the dress and heels from the girl, who is now without shoes she is even shorter than Lady Scarlet. The girl, left in sexy lingerie, undergoes verbal humiliation, but above all physical. Mistress Scarlet, also in sexy lingerie, wants to turn the little intruder into one rag doll. And a series of lifts begins, to show Her greatness strength. The girl is picked up, carried around the dungeon as if she were one, lifted on Her shoulders like a sack of potatoes and spanked in the butt. The girl squirms, is terrified, but she can do nothing against the superiority of Lady Scarlet. After various upheavals and verbal humiliations, the Mistress decides to interrupt the domination: She takes the girl in Her arms, squeezes her tightly in Her arms enough to make her faint. With the fainted girl in Her arms, Lady Scarlet carries her for a while around the room, laughing that in Her hands she really looks like a rag doll helpless. Then She closes the girl, still dazed, inside the cage. From today she will be Her new slave!
Tags: lift & carry