Lady Scarlet

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This slave is completely tied up, he is wrapped in a black sack from which only his head comes out and is chained to the base of my throne with a collar. Only the mouth he can and must use to worship my feet. I start by putting my heels in his mouth, he sucks them greedily and squirms to get it all up and down. I take off my shoes and make him want my feet by moving my soles within an inch of his face. I see him craving them and so he sticks out his tongue and kisses, sucks, licks all the sole that I rub on his face like a doormat. After a while my foot is completely in his mouth, I push it down his throat, he can barely breathe and the salivation increases: saliva is just what I needed to wash and soften my feet and wipe away the marks of the fishnet stockings that I wore all day.