Lady Scarlet

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I return home with my friends Cleo and Gea after a walk in the park that has completely muddied our leather boots. Luckily my doormat was ready there on the ground waiting for us and we use it immediately to avoid dirtying the rest of the house. His white T-shirt changes color after a while as we rub our boots on him but that is not enough, he must also work with his tongue to polish well and clean the most encrusted dirt with his saliva. He licks soles, sucks heels and in the meantime we take turns climbing on his abdomen to use as a doormat: we start to like it and we begin to understand that we can make it more fun… We make him take off his shirt, which he will have to use as a rag to polish and dry the boots as he licks greedily. I feel good and I help him by giving him some of my spit while in turn he cleans all the boots that have left deep marks on his skin.