Lady Scarlet

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I left my slave with his cock locked by a chastity strap for several days. Now he awaits me standing completely still, with his wrists and ankles tied, he sees me coming and immediately begs me to release him but I still have to play with that nice cock that is my property. He gets turned on just looking at his mistress and when I start caressing him with my hands and nails he immediately starts to get wet and hard. I continue to play with both my hands, I spit on his cock to lubricate it a bit and I enjoy stimulating him in different ways, touching every point of his cock while my other hand firmly grips his balls. He's so excited that he starts to drip but jizzing is still out of the question, I'll decide if and when he can cum. He needs to cum, I can feel it but I don't want him to cum and enjoy, I push him to the limit and walk away for a perfect ruined orgasm. I continue to milk him after the first cumshot when he no longer feels anything except the lightness of his finally emptied balls.
Tags: hand jobs