Lady Scarlet

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I return home with my friend Samantha after a slightly elegant aperitif but we still want to use the heels of our new shoes a little more. The doormat waiting for us on the floor, however, is exhausted, as soon as we place our heels on his abdomen, he begs us not to use them and to let him rest... We only partially satisfy him because we allow him a break from our heels but not from us! We let him take off our shoes and here are our feet veiled in nylon stockings, dark for me and light for Samantha, as beautiful as they are ruthless. No time to worship them we both immediately climb on his body and we alternate between abdomen and face, we walk, jump, crush and enjoy hearing the sounds that come from his mouth partly plugged by our feet while we jump on that flaccid belly as if we were deflating a balloon.