Lady Scarlet

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The patient is waiting for me naked on the couch but unfortunately I have to give him bad news, if he wants to survive a surgical procedure is necessary. Resigned, he agrees to be anesthetized to undergo the procedure: he turns on his side and I inject a syringe of anesthetic into his buttock and soon he falls into a deep sleep. Poor naive, now it's all mine and I can do whatever I want with him! I put on the gloves, take the needles and prepare to thread them through the skin of his genitals. One, two, three, four needles all along the scrotum up until the base of the cock and then a couple on top, on the foreskin to seal the cock. I am quite satisfied but I want to put a few more needles along his cock before waking him up: a few slaps in the face, he wakes up and I announce the end of the procedure between my sadistic laughter and his amazement.