Lady Scarlet

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After a day spent filming (you can see the messy studio), my beautiful friends and me are tired and want to relax. This loser of a slave is still here at our feet, waiting to be considered. I show him the sole of my amphibian and in a completely natural and even a little listless way we order him to lick. So he starts running his tongue over the soles of our shoes while we ignore him and mind our own business. You can see that the soles go from opaque to shiny, because these are the amphibians we use in our daily lives and who knows how many dirty surfaces they have walked on. The loser licks everything, while we ignore him and make fun of him, and in the end we even make him eat some pebbles stuck in the tank sole (lol). Now we just have to get comfortable using it as a footrest, waiting for the soles to dry from his saliva…