Lady Scarlet

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I surprise my little slave trying to escape from my dungeon, what an insolence this ungrateful dwarf towards his Mistress who grants him room and board with Her. I block him while he tries to open the door and I am determined to give him a demonstration of my strength, of my superiority and might. I immediately lift him up to bring him back to the center of the room and then suspend him naked with a hoist. I start playing with him and then lower the hoist to bring him back to the ground, I want him to realize how tiny he is in front of me and I want to lift him with my muscles. When I have finished the demonstration and it is finally clear to him who is in charge, there is still one last thing necessary to decree his total belonging to me: I squat down, hold him on my lap and masturbate him *******ly with one hand. Now I have complete control over him until he ejaculates profusely.