Lady Scarlet

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Today I take you to my dungeon to spy on a quiet afternoon where I relax playing with my cell phone and with my slave. I'm on the throne, he's naked lying under me but I hardly notice him, I ignore him while I reply to the messages but in the meantime my shoes are resting on him and I play absently with his little cock. These gorgeous Louboutins touch him, squeeze and masturbate him a little while he sighs between pleasure and pain. When I'm done with my cell phone, I give him some more attention, I want to see him too while he jerks off by himself: I try a countdown but he can't cum even jerking off by himself. I go back to touching him and squeezing him with my shoes until he cums, a very small and disappointing jet of sperm... I kick him out of anger and the sperm squirts out, apparently you have to squeeze it to see a decent cumshot and I certainly don't hold back!
Tags: shoejob