Lady Scarlet

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are wearing the black leather jacket from previous clips on naked body. Then over that you put on the brown one. Then you encouraged male to lay down on a bed. He is wondering why you are wearing 2 jackets and don't know what he will get with those. You take out the belt from the brown jacket and bind an arm with that at the brackets. To fix him better you take off the brown jacket and put it over his face. Then you open the black jacket and take out the belt to bind the other arm on the bed. He ask you to take the jacket away from his head. You take it short away and say him to take last fresh breath. Then you put the jacket with inside lining on his face (leathered side out) and fix it as strong you can with the sleeves which you knot under his chin. He struggle and try to shake the jacket away, but it don't move. You are laughing and begin to make a handjob till he come. Camera shows the whole body and sometimes his face to see him sucking in and breathing out through the jacket. But after his orgasm you don't stop! He cry STOP but you make post orgasm torment with your long nails. You say “Shut up!”, take off your black jacket and put it over his leathered head. Then you decide to ride him while pressing the jacket on his face till you come... He cannot cry and you don't care on his breath...