Lady Scarlet

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It's breakfast time for both of us. Mine consists of cappuccino and biscuits, my slave's is made up of biscuits chewed and spit out by me and of shit. While I sip my cappuccino sitting on the toilet chair, he is lying under my divine ass. He admires it and masturbates. I think about how beautiful this situation is. He brought me breakfast, which I am enjoying, to then give him the result of this meal. I'm excited at the idea of ​​letting him caress my little hole to feel how warm and soft it is. I spit some chewed biscuits into his mouth, then I start to get the urge and shit in his mouth. It's plentiful, and a little tough. I fill his whole mouth. He has difficulty chewing it, but he is very excited. Especially after I picked up two little turds that had fallen to the side and put them in his mouth, spit on them and ordered him to chew. I forbid him to cum just in time, because as I took off my sandals I realized that some sperm was already coming out. He freezes, he doesn't want to disobey me. I keep telling him to chew and swallow and I even put my bare foot on his mouth to make him keep the shit there. He manages to swallow something but given the slightly hard consistency and the great excitement, he cums even before finishing it.