Lady Scarlet

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I can barely hold my pee. I'm in trouble, I have to do a lot! “I have to pee, I have to pee” I say, and I have time to crouch on the slave that the jet floods him filling his mouth. I couldn't even take off my panties! I get up, take them off and let him suck them. Then I run out of shit. My ass is now over him and my little hole is very close to his mouth. Shit comes out a little soft, and a little turd goes on his nose. I slip on the glove and stuff it all into his mouth. He's doing well, he's enjoying it, but suddenly he's in trouble and I think he won't make it. I tell him he can vomit but if he does I'll make him eat his own vomit. My fruits are not wasted. He holds, chews, and swallows everything. I make him suck my gloved fingers, dirty with shit, and with the same hand I start to masturbate him. His excitement is evident from start to finish. He must enjoy eating my shit. He is my toilet, a privilege that few have. More piss, and then I make him lick my ass to clean me up and to reward him, and the wanker cums. Not a bad performance for a mini-gifted (the size of his little cock is written with a felt-tip pen on his crotch).
Tags: scat / shit