Lady Scarlet

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Today I have a slave who has come from far away and I have to train him to resist trampling, which I will do it with the help of my friend Cleo. He's ready, lying naked on the floor and just the idea of being dominated by two gorgeous Mistresses like us arouses him as proved by his hard cock. We start to go up on his abdomen with our leather boots, the heels are sharp and sink leaving marks but at the beginning no complaints, he seems really resistant… When we sink the heels deeper, however, here he begins to beg “Mercy! Mercy!” but of course we continue to leave marks on his skin. Then we let him take off our boots so we can step on his face and neck with our bare feet too. My bare feet and Cleo's sheer nylon feet excite him and inflict pain on him at the same time and while one crushes him the other touches his cock which we will need pretty hard for the next game…