Lady Scarlet

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My maid Maya is enjoying stepping on this human doormat. After all, by now she has had some experience thanks to my teachings and now is the time to have fun with these slaves! I enter the scene while she is on him and I tell her that traditional trampling has tired me a little, that I need new stimuli and to make it more intense. So I propose a variant... She is enthusiastic and I too can't wait to try this experiment that has never been done. I take her on my back and step on the carpet. He now has double the weight that crushes him and we enjoy the scene from top to bottom. It is funny! Then we change and I carry her on my shoulders. I crush him under my boots but when I try to climb on his head he can't do it and feeling a little pity for all the weight he has to support I decide to get off and have my maid take my boots off. I try again with just the pantyhoses and now the doormat is able to grant my wish. I crushing his head holding Maya on my shoulders, too good! More trampling in a different position, holding Maya in my arms, and then we walk away with her on my back...
Tags: trampling