Lady Scarlet

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The patient waits for me naked on the examination table with his legs high and wide apart while I put on my gloves before starting this very deep inspection. I oil the black glove well and immediately my fingers enter easily, first one, then two and then three: it is already well dilated I must say but I can't feel deeply. So I decide to switch to a new instrument and inform the patient who is visibly worried: I wear a very large strapon, I hope he will be able to bear it but I had put the handcuffs on him just in case… I start to penetrate him slowly but after a while the strapon goes all the way up at the bottom and then I increase the pace and push more and more. I want to butt-fuck him without obstacles and then I grab his ankles and hold his legs up, eliminating the supports of the bed: I push hard, now I just want to break his ass and so I do and then I stop to admire the gape.
Tags: strap-on