Lady Scarlet

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Today I am with my colleague Joanna and we have a great desire to dominate and humiliate. Luckily we have the right slave for us, a slut ready to get ass fucked by her mistresses. As soon as he arrives we made him lick our red leather boots but after a while the atmosphere heats up and Joanna immediately puts the strap-on in his mouth and makes him suck it while we both spit on him. While he gives me a blowjob too, Joanna asks about the age of the slave: 40 years just like 40 will be the butt fuck that he will have to take from each of us. I prepare him by penetrating him first with my fingers and start fucking him in the ass while he counts and sucks Joanna's cock. His ass is still tight, he needs a bigger strapon and then I give way to Joanna who bangs it hard with her big rubber cock. After the other 40, we turn him on his stomach to enjoy some facesitting and while Joanna suffocates him with her pussy, I take the opportunity to butt-fuck him a little more. It may be enough for today but before leaving, the slave has to kiss our boots obviously.
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