Lady Scarlet

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Lady Scarlet and Viktoria return from an evening at the disco and find Scarlet's boyfriend waiting for them. Scarlet takes off her raincoat, Viktoria looks at her and compliments her on her splendid shape, but Scarlet says that after the covid she has put on a few pounds, Viktoria too says that she has put on a few pounds with the covid, so Scarlet takes the scale and weigh yourself (looking at the weight on the scale and saying the weight aloud). Scarlet wants to prove her strength and tries (if she can) to take Viktoria in her arms as a bride and carry her around the room! Then Viktoria tries to do the same with Scarlet! Then Scarlet's boyfriend says he sees her fit, so Scarlet says "maybe!”. The boyfriend says “do you want to see me get up?”. Scarlet says "alright, let's see what you can do!”. The boyfriend takes Scarlet as a bride and goes around the room a couple of times. Then Scarlet says to her boyfriend "good, now try to take my friend Viktoria too and take her in the same way". Victoria says "no you're crazy, he won't hold me up, I weigh a lot”. Scarlet approaches her boyfriend, puts a hand on his pants and rubs it to excite him and say “come on try it, do it for me” and gives him a kiss! The boyfriend takes Viktoria as a bride and takes her for a couple of laps around the room. At this point Scarlet says it's too easy and wants to try a little more difficult and says she would love to be carried up a staircase like a bride, she kisses her boyfriend and convinces him to try...... (you make the comments you want). So the boyfriend takes Scarlet as a bride and takes her up the stairs (only uphill at least 10 -15 steps or whatever, and framing the scene well during the climb), then Scarlet has Viktoria do the same thing too, even if the boyfriend shows clear signs of tiredness, but the boyfriend is obliged to take Viktoria as a bride and go up the stairs. The boyfriend is now really exhausted and Viktoria says to him "weight huh? I told you you wouldn't hold my ……kg, poor guy I really exhausted you!” Scarlet tells her boyfriend that she gets really turned on with lifts, then the boyfriend replies that he would break his back to please her. Then Scarlet says to Viktoria "what if he lifts us both at the same time?". Viktoria jumps and exclaims "but it's impossible, there are too many kilos, we'll break his back!". Then Viktoria tells "think that last month my step-father during a meeting with relatives, a bet was born, a showdown that consisted in the fact that my step-father would be able to lift me and my step-mother at the same time. My step-father also accepted because there was good money as a prize. I'll start by saying that my step-mom weighs the same as me, and after the covid even a few pounds more, so we, obviously, were afraid to let her hernia out knowing our weights. He said "no problem, I'll lift you calmly! ...... My step-father crouched down and told us to get on the shoulders one side and one on the other then he tried to lift us but he couldn't, he turned purple from the effort .... and he looked like a loser in front of all the guests! And yes my step-father is very strong, but he couldn't even get us off the ground ..... with the two of us on top it was impossible in my opinion!, and also told us in front of everyone "but wow how fat you are!". After half an hour he wanted to try again at all costs, he came to call us, he squatted down again and my step-mom and I climbed onto his shoulders again one on each side and told us to hold on tightly and not to move, we'll have it. "He would have made us lift us. We anchored our arms and legs to him with all the strength we had, in fact we thought we were crushing him from how tightly we squeezed our legs. He started to lift us, he also lifted us and was almost completely on his feet when he began to tremble fearfully, he let out a scream and bent in half and fell to the ground ……..he swore like hell holding a hand on his back, and saying "how much the fuck do you weigh!!!" My step-mom and I looked at each other dumbfounded and thought we had broken his back!!!My step-mom told him “I told you it was too much weight, your step-daughter and I together weigh too many kilos!!!!!” This story excited Scarlet a lot, who approaches her boyfriend, makes him touch her breasts, then kisses her boyfriend, puts her hand inside her boyfriend's pants and starts rubbing, kissing him and saying that this game excites her more and more. Scarlet says "come on try it, do it for me!". At this point Scarlet and Viktoria stand up one on the right and one on the left and the boyfriend takes Scarlet with one arm under her butt and the other arm under Viktoria's butt and lifts them, walking as far as he can, if we succeeds. Your comments…. At this point Scarlet is very excited and says "I want you to do another extreme test for me". He has the four-legged boyfriend put his hands on a table, a chair (or on the first rung of a staircase) and he has to squat down. Then Scarlet climbs onto his back at neck height and Viktoria climbs onto his back behind Scarlet and he has to try to stand up and lower himself. It's nice to see the boots that come off the ground and then lower themselves until they touch the ground and then lift off the ground again and so on many times until he collapses exhausted..... Scarlet finally massages her boyfriend's back giving him a few kiss. The video ends with Scarlet having her boyfriend put in the center of the room on his knees, Scarlet sits on his shoulders, lifts her boots off the ground and orders her boyfriend to stand up then she makes him squat down again and then again she gets lifted always starting from land many times until the boyfriend succeeds. Then Scarlet makes Viktoria do the same thing. Then the boyfriend gets on the ground and Viktoria climbs on his shoulders, lifts her boots off the ground, and makes herself get up and down like Scarlet did, until the boyfriend is completely exhausted and Scarlet incites the boyfriend to continue until he collapses!!! Clothing: Scarlet leather dress with black miniskirt (or little dress that doubles as a black miniskirt) and black knee-high heeled boot (no laces, no wedges, no rafts or elevators). Viktoria as Scarlet. The guy who lifts doesn't have to be big or super fit, I ask you to shoot all the scenes even the ones that fail and record all your comments.....don't cut anything. I wrote a lot of stories and the best videos are the most natural and spontaneous ones. It would be nice if the girls had enough makeup and their hair down.
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