Lady Scarlet

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Added on: 07.03.2023
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CUSTOM REQUEST - The theme is you dominate my step-mom with your feet in very sheer and black nylons, black toenail polish. Your feet are very stinky. Basically you hate my Step-Mom and you’re as mean to her as you can be with your feet on her face, foot slapping her face, rough foot gagging, rough stinky feet smelling, severe verbal humiliation. Call her a bitch. Narrate like I’m watching: "Look what I can do to your Step-Mother. Your Step-Mother is my foot bitch. I own your Step-Mother. Suck my toes bitch, open wide and let me foot fuck your mouth. You’re Step-Mom will do anything I tell her. Lick my stinky feet bitch!". You tell me what you’re doing to her like I’m in the next room.

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