Lady Scarlet

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In this afternoon of chatting between friends on the sofa, Gabriella wants to show Gaia and myself how to play with her faithful little puppy, a faithful beast but without any dignity. He gets on all fours in front of us with his tongue out and, guided by Gabriella, we rub our feet on his face to make him lick them. After a while Gabriella shows us a more fun variant of the game, she makes the slave lie on the floor while pressing on his throat with one foot, bringing him to breathe hard with his tongue out: and that's when he then uses his tongue to clean the other foot. It seems funny and so Gaia and I try too while Gabriella is already thinking about the next game: standing up on his face who, crushed, lets out the tongue and we rub and kick to have fun. Eventually we use his head as a footrest and rest while laughing at him.