Lady Scarlet

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* 6 beautiful ladies, their muddy boots and 2 slaves for cleaning * I rented a villa in the mountains for the weekend with my friends, which has a beautiful garden where we could relax in the open air. As soon as we arrive on site, we immediately take a walk outside and admire the well-kept lawn and flowerbeds, we are very pleased until… we all end up in a corner of the garden where the lawn is completely flooded and the grass gives way to sticky mud. Our boots sink and get completely dirty as our anger rises and deserves to be vented on those who are responsible for this mess. And there, not far away, in fact, we see the two gardeners intent on sweeping under the front porch: we join them insulting them and in a moment they find himself lying on the ground with our dirty boots on. We sit comfortably on a bench and start cleaning ourselves on them, on their shirts but above all their faces, mouths and tongues. It is a disgusting sight, their face is completely brown, their black tongues occasionally cleaned only by the saliva we spit in their mouths to facilitate their task… There are six of us and we have boots, ankle boots and amphibians of all kinds, but only when they're all more or less clean again do we chase the gardeners away, sending them to clean up the mess they've done.