Lady Scarlet

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A worm for each of us awaits me and my friends Gea and Cleo as we sitting on the sofa with heels and feet ready to dominate. We let our shoes dangle a bit as if to indicate to those three to crawl up to us, which they do as they crave our perfect feet. Now that we have them underneath us they begin to kiss our shoes, a morbid adoration from these three useless beings. We then take off our heels so they can directly adore our feet which we immediately put on their faces. They sniff, kiss and compulsively lick and after a while they find our feet at the bottom of their throats and they can barely breathe: the fun must always be ours after all. We have them turn belly up to better dominate them while the foot gagging continues and when we are fed up we stand up to look at them from above as our foot still presses down to their throats.