Lady Scarlet

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You've noticed that your stepdaughter hasn't been listening to you lately. Bad-mouthing you in front of the neighbors. Your stepdaughter doesn't need to go to school on weekends. You assign her a task that must be cleaned up before you get back from work. When you come home from work, the house hasn't been cleaned! Make your stepdaughter kneel before you. Ask her: "What have you been doing all day? How dare you ignore me?". And then slaps her in the face repeatedly tell her: "I heard you say bad things about me from the neighbor". Keep slapping your stepdaughter. "You will be severely punished today!". You take off your sneakers and your socks. Put a sock in her mouth. Stop her from making a noise. Then punish her with a series of slaps warning stepdaughter not to make a sound. Hold back punishment over. You take the sock out of your stepdaughter's mouth. Ask her to lick the bottom of your feet. You check to see if she licked it. You put the old sock back in her mouth. Tape the mouth again! Tell her to fuck off and reflect.