Lady Scarlet

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Note: I was so cruel that the slave threw up. CUSTOM REQUEST - The main idea is to make him suffer as much as possible, he has cheated you and you're gonna make him regret that. Majority of video with FOOT GAGGING, very long, very deep and very cruel. Please also don't hesitate to foot smother and foot slap him. I insist but please don't hesitate to stay long time, or to make him gag long time, even if he wants to breathe you stay longer and you become more and more cruel. Important, please don't do forward feet domination. I clearly prefer reverse and/or side ‘cause I love seeing your heels of feet while dominating. I love also your bottom of feet, so that will be important for me to able to see them, I don't want that they are hidden or feet in the contrary sense of my view. Last point, don't put the camera too much far please, and I also want to be able to see your face and of course without any pity for him. You're free to shout on him, or slap his face or his body if he's not obedient. Please I don't want the slave is wearing a mask.