Lady Scarlet

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I bought a nice new leash and I can't wait to attach it to my puppy’s collar, I call her and she comes immediately to meet me. Her name is Maya and she is very obedient and submissive, with this new collar I can pull her to me whenever I want. Seeing her there in front of my feet makes me want a nice session of foot gagging, I want to put my feet in her throat and pull her head with the new leash. I let her take off my sneakers so as to discover my sweaty and smelling feet, I make her smell them and in disgust she obeys but the best is yet to come. One foot at a time I dilate her mouth and pull her hard to me until I reach her throat, she drools like a real puppy and in the meantime I take her to the limit of vomiting while her tears dissolve her make-up.
Tags: foot gagging