Lady Scarlet

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One of my slaves had to move to another city for work and we’ll no longer have many opportunities to meet and satisfy his desire for submission. Before leaving he gave me these toy cars, he says that this way I can play with them and he will empathize from a distance. Due to his inferiority and impotence syndrome, the only possible game is domination and destruction and so I wear very heavy amphibians with which to crush and destroy the toy cars. I start with a red one who represents his head and I immediately sink my heel until I hear the sound of the plastic breaking and then smashing it with ever stronger blows. The second car represents his little cock, one sharp blow and I'll destroy it, he’s never had an erection anyway. I continue with all the toy cars, mercilessly, with very strong jumps and blows: it is the punishment he deserves for having moved away from me.
Tags: crush