Lady Scarlet

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“Walk, move!” so I incite the slave to follow in my footsteps, with a leash connecting my ankle to his neck. "Leash always tight!" I order him. A CEO has no time to waste, a CEO is used to being in charge. I sit down and make myself comfortable, with my feet resting on the desk. I order him to take off the luxury shoes I'm wearing, and I wave my soles in front of his muzzle, I tell him with sensuality and authority: "Lick!". The slave thus begins to worship my feet. He licks them, kisses them, sucks their fingers… He is always chained to my ankle, he is my property and he knows he should obey if he doesn't want to have consequences at work. I also enjoy teasing him, grabbing the leash with my toes and pulling his neck. I notice him taking pleasure in this task, in serving a beautiful woman like me. So I tell him that the entire upper part of the feet would be missing to adore. It seems to quiver with desire. I smile amused for having deluded him and tell him that I will grant it to him on another occasion. Maybe… For now, lie down!