Lady Scarlet

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My friend Samantha and I want to play a bit with our strap-ons and we have just the right slave for the job: a little slut waiting for us on all fours on the bench. He's our whore and we immediately make it clear with spitting, insults, and slapping with our cocks. Just enough time to introduce ourselves and he immediately finds himself with a cock in his ass and one in his mouth, we don't waste time and fuck him hard. We change position and when his ass starts to widen we move on to two new, much bigger strap-ons... By now he's completely screwed, my cock enters all the way up to the balls, he feels it in his stomach as if to meet the other one who in the meantime fucks his throat deeply… In the end I detach it from the belt and leave it for him to bugger himself with his own hands while I laugh satisfied.
Tags: strap-on