Lady Scarlet

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Maya is waiting for me comfortably seated and a bit bored, but luckily for her my entrance surprises her making her hope for an unexpectedly fun afternoon... I show up with a tiny slave that I carry on my shoulders like a sack of potatoes, no effort, I’m trained and he is as small as a baby. I let him down so that Maya can see him clearly from top to bottom and humiliate him with me: a little dwarf who with can barely reach the tits of two statuesque giantesses like us. We decide to play with him for a while and we tie him to the cross but he is too small and I have to use longer chains! We provoke him and after a while he is so horny that his cock seems longer than him. Off with the boxers, we want to see how he gets excited in front of us and now that he is naked like a baby I take him in my arms: I carry him around, I do some exercises like with a gym weight and finally I squat and I hold him on to my legs like a puppy... A very excited puppy and one with a hard cock, however, and so I decide to give him the pleasure and start masturbating him with one hand while Maya looks down on us until he explodes in an abundant orgasm.
Tags: lift & carry