Lady Scarlet

Video-Length: 11m 19s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 8143 kbit/s
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Language: Italian


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We spent a whole day shooting videos. My friend and me are tired and we just want to relax. The best way is by sitting on the sofa with a doormat at our feet that acts as a footrest. We take off our shoes to soothe our feet and feel them smell. Have fun, we make him smell them. We are wearing sheer stockings that have retained all the perfume and now he is lucky enough to inhale it. He's getting aroused ... We then uncover his cock and always start teasing him with our feet. The more it swells, the more we want to punish it. We take turns in merciless foot gagging and he will have some retching. The stockings are all smudged, what a disgust. We take them off and with bare feet we continue to use it as a footrest. And again we push them down his throat. We leave leaving him excited and with his little cock tied by a stocking.