Lady Scarlet

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You come home in black vinyl pants and a white or light blue men's shirt. You turned up the stiff collar of your shirt. Your slave is already waiting for you. When you sit down on the couch and ask him to take off your boots and massage your feet, he replies: "No, I'm really tired myself and I want to go to bed. Besides, I'm not your bitch." You then think you misunderstood him. You repeat it again. But he waves his hand dismissively and turns around. In a rage you stand up, grab him and throw him to the ground. A wrestling match starts, but he's no match for you. Before long, you're firmly seated on him. He tries unsuccessfully to throw you off. When he calms down, you undo the buttons of your shirt to below your chest (or to your navel) and adjust the collar of yours shirt all the way up. Then you start gagging him briefly until he begs for mercy. You tell him, "Now I'll show you what a slut you are!" Then you get up and quickly search and find a strap-on. The slave sees this, gets up and tries to flee from you out of sheer fear. But you quickly reach him, throw him to the ground and, after a short struggle, quickly sit down again on his chest and briefly hit him again until he began to breathe heavily. Then you quickly put on the strap-on. Now you slip forward with your leather trousers until you are sitting on his neck. That's when you shove your stap-on deep down his throat and let him blow your strap-on.