Lady Scarlet

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I walk in pulling this pooch on the leash, humiliating him. I order him to take off My shoes and make him lie down. I notice her small tits… I'm going to have My feet worshipped but it won't be easy for him… He'll suffer for this privilege, and for Me it will all be more fun. I apply two clamps with bells to his nipples and make him lick the soles of My feet. But the more he licks, the more he suffers because My feet pull the chain that connects the two clamps. How I enjoy! When the bells don't ring, it means that I'm giving them a break, but when they ring… How this asshole complains! He has the feeling that they are being ripped from his chest… At one point a clamp comes off. I make him change position, put it back on him, and giving him barely My feet I start marching on him pulling the chain. The bells ring non-stop until they drop and he writhes in pain. I laugh, telling him he's nothing to Me and always will be.
Tags: foot worship