Lady Scarlet

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I'm in my private gym ready for today's training session, a dominant Mistress like me must always be strong and fit. I start with a fundamental exercise, squatting, but after a while I realize that I am not struggling enough, it takes more weight, it takes my personal bag... I call the slave and explain to him that he will have to act as bag to make the training more effective. I lift him up and resume squatting with the slave on my back: how much power in my legs, now I'm training really well. Without putting him down I then start running in circles while he is amazed to see my power. I move on to excercises for arms and back and pick him up like a doll and walk around the room. Now I lie down on the carpet, I let him take off my shoes, I lift him only with the strength of my legs and I make him fly like an airplane… To end the training I want to try to hold him in my arms on one leg: I take a stool, put my right foot and I make him climb astride my leg. He is visibly aroused while in this position I crush his balls. A few more rounds of the room with him on my shoulders and then I decide to reward him: I make him sit again on my thigh and start masturbating him, then I keep him suspended to crush his balls and in the meantime he continues to masturbate until he cums and then down on my knees to kiss my feet.
Tags: lift & carry