Lady Scarlet

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ITALIAN LANGUAGE This lousy slave showed up late once again and it will be up to me, Gea and Cleo to punish him and make him understand that delays are not tolerable. We immediately kick him in the balls with our boots to set the record straight, but that's just the beginning. I want him naked, I want to see his balls being crushed by our blows. He undresses and we slaughter him with kicks but after a while we want to hit him with our bare feet and so now he also has the privilege of taking off our boots. He throws himself at our feet to take off our shoes and we decide that it is better for him to stay on his knees and we start kicking his balls from behind and from different angles as we walk around him. Finally we put him on all fours and complete the punishment with both front and back kicks while one of us in turn rides him to keep him at bay: he collapses to the ground destroyed and promises never to be late again.